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The Average Cost of a Data Breach

By: Jordan Millwood, Staff Accountant Technology offers an abundance of benefits and resources to our lives every day, however, it has become impossible not to recognize the dark side of technology. Despite the publicly known string of recent data breaches, large companies are not...

Cybersecurity and Fintech at a Crossroad: Risks Your Organization Faces

Financial technology (fintech) is a prominent topic for the banking and financial services industry worldwide. Although its disruptive and innovative technologies provide banking services to populations...

Cybersecurity and Fintech at a Crossroad: Addressing the Risks

Technology has been on the rise in the banking industry due to the ease it brings to customers. Customers are able to view their transactions online,...

Compliance Does Not Equal Security

Cybersecurity is a growing risk factor in all industries within the U.S. and worldwide. Cyber attacks are increasing in sophistication and magnitude of impact across all...

Management’s Guide to Cybersecurity- What You Should Do

It has become abundantly clear that some members of the management team simply do not know enough about cybersecurity and that their Chief Information Officers and Chief Information Security Officers do not always provide them with an accurate portrait of the cyber risks which their company...

Management’s Guide to Cybersecurity- What You Should Know  

As a member of your company’s management team it is important to have an accurate portrayal of the cyber risks which your company is facing every day. The first step is to increase...

Countdown to GDPR: Hidden Data Within My Organization

Data volumes continue to grow despite efforts to reduce digital footprints across the organization. Wherever you look, every part of your organization stores data. Do you...

2018 Tax Filing Season

2018 Tax Filing Season Begins January 29th The 2018 tax filing season begins Monday, January 29th and with it comes heightened fraud activity from cybercriminals. Tax...

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