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Our data advisors take large and diverse set of data, analyze, and present results in the form of high-level reports and charts to help you make better informed decisions. We work with clients to solve a wide range of problems, whether it is determining the best pricing for products and services to maximize ROI, using Tableau to analyze and continuously monitor resource production or travel and expenses (for fraud) in real time.

We work with clients to understand the questions about their business, provide answers using data for the who, what and why, then build advanced models to determine the what if.

We work with companies to help develop strategies using analytics, deploy solutions to aid with decision making, and help govern a framework to begin using advanced data analytics throughout your organization. With our background as tax, audit and advisory experts we are best suited to help with your journey into Data Analytics which will allow your organization to make better informed decisions based on real data.

Click here for a look at our analysis of a Consumer Banking Company in Tableau. Banks need to analyze their customer data and determine market strategies. This interactive dashboard provides them all the data they need to create a marketing strategy that strategically targets their top customers.

Our specialists

Chad Miller, CPA, CIA, CISA

Partner - Risk Assurance & Advisory Practice Leader



  • Predictive Modeling – Analyze trends, patterns, and relationships to predict outcomes.
  • Data driven decision making – Provide management with business-wide visibility into multiple scenarios to optimize performance.
  • Tableau/Microsoft Power BI Dashboard - Implementation and continuous audit monitoring.
  • Business intelligence and risk analysis – Make smart decisions more quickly by embedding analytics into key areas of operations, including sales and marketing, financial operations, and supply chain.
  • Business Process Automation Consulting

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