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Unlocking Security with ISO 27001: A Guide for Businesses

Written by: Alex Gothard, CISA In today’s digital age, protecting sensitive information is vital. Enter ISO 27001, a globally recognized security framework that assesses how well organizations safeguard their data. But what exactly is ISO 27001, and why should businesses consider getting certified? Understanding...

Hancock Askew Firm Managing Partner, Mike McCarthy, Listed in America’s Top 200 CPAs by Forbes

We’re proud to announce that Mike McCarthy, Managing Partner at Hancock Askew, was named one of Forbes’ Top 200 CPAs in America. In 2004, Mike joined...

Tax-wise ways to take cash from your corporation while avoiding dividend treatment

If you want to withdraw cash from your closely held corporation at a low tax cost, the easiest way is to distribute cash as a dividend....

New option for unused funds in a 529 college savings plan

With the high cost of college, many parents begin saving with 529 plans when their children are babies. Contributions to these plans aren’t tax deductible, but...

How renting out a vacation property will affect your taxes

Are you dreaming of buying a vacation beach home, lakefront cottage or ski chalet? Or perhaps you’re fortunate enough to already own a vacation home. In either case, you may wonder about the tax implications of renting it out for part of the year....

Passive Entities Under Texas Tax Law

By George Rendziperis, J.D., Director of State and Local Tax Under Texas law, “passive entities” are exempt from the Margin Tax and are not included in...

Hancock Askew & Co., LLP Announces Merger of its Advisory Practices, Hancock Askew Advisors and Clarity Capital Advisors

Atlanta, GA (March 11, 2024) — Hancock Askew & Co., LLP is excited to announce the merger of its advisory practices, Hancock Askew Advisors and Clarity...

9 tax considerations if you’re starting a business as a sole proprietor

When launching a small business, many entrepreneurs start out as sole proprietors. If you’re launching a venture as a sole proprietorship, you need to understand the...

We May Never See a Better Environment for Transferring Wealth … Here’s Why

It may seem that there will always be time to address estate planning. However, a unique opportunity to maximize the amount of wealth that can be...

Charitable giving vehicles & Tax Implications

By: Andres Gonzalez and Craig Armstrong A charitable heart can yield significant tax benefits, and for high-net-worth individuals and families, understanding the intricacies of philanthropic vehicles...

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