Tax Return Checklist

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Below is a list of common types of income and expenses along with the document or other information you would typically provide to us. You can use this list as a guide; there is even a space to check off what you are providing.

We appreciate this opportunity to serve you and look forward to working with you in the coming weeks.

Type of income Form Number or other support
Wages W-2s
Interest income 1099-INT
Dividends 1099-DIV
IRA, pension, and annuity
Social security benefits SSA-1099
State tax refunds 1099-G
Alimony received Amount
Self-employment income
(Schedule C)
1099-MISC, income, expenses, fixedasset additions
Capital gains and losses 1099-B
Rental property
(Schedule E)
1099-MISC, income, expenses, capital improvements, fixed asset additions
Farm income 1099-MISC, CCC-1099-G, 1099-PATR, income, expenses, capital improvements, fixed asset additions
Partnerships, S corporations, trusts Schedule K-1
Unemployment compensation 1099-G
Other income 1099-MISC, jury duty, prizes,
gambling winnings, cancellation of credit card debt                 
Educator expenses Unreimbursed classroom expenses, K-12 only                         
Business expenses of reservists, performing artists, and fee-based government officials and partners and S corporation shareholders Expenses, fixed asset additions
Health savings account contributions 5498-SA
Moving expenses for members of
the armed forces
Expenses and mileage (not meals)
Contributions to SEP, SIMPLE,
IRA, or qualified plan
Form 5498
Self-employed health insurance Premium expense
Penalty on early withdrawal of
Alimony paid Amount and recipient’s social
security number
Student loan interest 1098-E
Tuition and fees 1098-T
Medical expenses Totals for prescriptions, doctor and dentists, hospitals, eyeglasses and contact lenses, etc.; also medical miles         
State and local income taxes * List payment amounts and dates paid                                      
Real estate taxes * Often on 1098 if you have a mortgage                                    
Personal property, ad valorem, and other taxes * Amounts
Home mortgage interest 1098
Mortgage insurance premiums 1098
Investment interest Margin interest reported by brokerage firm
Gifts to charity Provide details of non-cash gifts of over $500 (donee name, and address, what was donated, date, original cost, and donated value)      

* combined personal state and local income taxes, real estate taxes, and other taxes are limited to $10,000

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