Management’s Guide to Cybersecurity- What You Should Know  

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As a member of your company’s management team it is important to have an accurate portrayal of the cyber risks which your company is facing every day. The first step is to increase your knowledge of cybersecurity.   

Five Things Management ShouldKnow about Cybersecurity 

  1. Cyber-attacks and security breaches will  occur and will  negatively impact your business. Today, the average cost of the impact of a cyber breach is $4.9 million. 
  1. According to most cybersecurity surveys, over 60% of all data breaches originate from unauthorized access from one of your current or former employees, or third-party suppliers. 
  1. Achieving information security compliance with one or more government regulatory standards for information security (i.e. ISO 27001, NIST 800-171, HIPAA, NYDFS, etc.) is good, but not sufficient to ensure real cybersecurity. 
  1. Cyber liability insurance premiums are significantly increasing in cost and often do not cover all of the damages caused by a cyber breach. 
  1. To achieve real information security and data resilience it is vital to combine managed Monitoring, Detection, and Response services with comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity plans. 

Taking the right steps today could prevent a cyber-attack tomorrow.  Work with our experts to uncover any potential pitfalls in your company’s risk management program.  


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