Tax Return Checklist

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Preparing for tax season can be a stressful time. With many different forms and documents, it can be hard to know what is required for your accountant to successfully and efficiently complete your tax return. Using a checklist can help reduce your tax-time stress. Below is a list of common types of income and expenses along with the document or other information you would typically provide us. Our checklist will help you get everything together before heading to our office.

Types of Income Form Number or Other Support
Wages W-2’s
Interest Income 1099-INT
Dividends 1099-DIV
State Tax Refund 1099-G
Self-Employment Income (Schedule C) 1099-MISC, Income, Expense, Capital Improvements, Fixed Asset Additions
Capital Gains and Losses  1099-B
IRA, Pension, and Annuity Payments  1099-R
Rental Property (Schedule E) 1099-MISC, Income, Expense, Capital Improvements, Fixed Asset Additions
Partnerships, S Corporations, Trusts  Schedule K-1
Farm Income Income, Expense, Fixed Asset Additions
Unemployement Compensation 1099-G
Social Security Benefits SSA-1099
Other Income 1099-MISC, Jury Duty, Prizes, Gambling Winnings, Cancellation of Credit Card Debt
Educator Expenses Unreimbursed classroom expenses, K-12 Only
Health Savings Account 5498-SA and 1099-SA
Moving Expenses Transportation and Storage of Household Goods, Cost of Travel from Old Home to New (no meals)
Contributions for SEP, SIMPLE, IRA, Qualified Plan Form 5498
Self-Employed Health Insurance Premium Expense
Student Loan Interest 1098-E
Tuition and Fees 1098-T
Medical Expenses Total for Prescriptions, Doctors and Dentists, Hospitals, Eyeglasses and Contacts, etc.; also Medical Miles
State and Local Income Taxes List payment amounts and dates paid
Real Estate Taxes Often on 1098 if you have a mortgage
Home Mortgage Interest 1098
Mortgage Insurance Premiums 1098
Investment Interest Margin Interest Reported by Brokerage Firm
Gifts to Charity Provide details of non-cash gifts over $5,000 (donor name and address, what was donated, original cost, and donated value)
Miscellaneous Deductions Tax Preparations, Safe Deposit Box, Investment Fees and Publications, Unreimbursed Employee Business Expense, Uniforms and Work Tools, Gambling and Hobby Losses (to extent of income only)

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