High Net Worth Individuals

What We Do

At Hancock Askew we understand the unique needs of high net worth individuals, including financial and income tax planning, and asset preservation.

We have a dedicated group that works with corporate executives and understand the complex rules of stock options, restricted stock grants and other deferred compensation plans.

We also work with the high service demands and needs of high net worth individuals and families. We coordinate our efforts with your trusts and estate plans. We can provide coordinated service for the family limited partnership and succeeding generations. As your CPA, we work closely with your investment advisors and attorneys to develop a comprehensive plan that considers the tax implications of your planning decisions.

We stay on top of tax law changes and keep you informed of the issues, evaluate the possible impact on you and your business, and deliver proactive solutions. We encourage you to contact us for advice prior to making business decisions.

As seasoned professionals, we offer insight on how to move forward so that your wealth and business are protected.

What can our specialists do for you?

Hancock Askew's full-service team provides multiple services with an emphasis on maximizing value to the client through our knowledge, insight and meticulous methodology.


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