Welcome, and thank you for choosing Hancock Askew & Co., LLP (HAC) to serve as your CPA firm!  At HAC, we put “You First” and follow that mindset in all our interactions with our clients.

We stand ready to not only provide you with the standard tax compliance services as may be required, but also to be proactively by your side as we witness a rapidly changing tax and finance world and how that could affect your needs and goals.  So, to get things started, let’s first acquaint you with our client on-boarding process.

Client Experience Advocate (CxA)

It is important to all of us at HAC that each client receive a positive, courteous, and responsive experience throughout the course of the engagement and our client relationship. As such, I have been assigned as your Client Experience Advocate, or CxA as we refer to it internally. I will be your eyes and ears in the firm as to the progress of your engagement. I will be a point of contact for things like status of tax return, copies of prior year tax returns, estimated tax payment reminders, software support (TaxCaddy, SafeSend and ShareFile), and invoice payment questions. I am here to help or to connect you to who can help, whatever you may need.

Engagement Letter

Best practices, as well as our professional standards, require us to obtain an engagement letter that details the roles and responsibilities between client and firm as it relates to scope of services, deliverables, fees, and other areas of importance. While we recognize that this form is lengthy, it serves to protect both the firm and client by clearly defining the terms of the engagement. The content of the letter is derived from content as recommended by the American Institute of Certified Public Accounts.


The engagement letter mentioned above, as well as other forms that may require signature, will be delivered through our secure service called SafeSend. The SafeSend communication will be via email and will allow for electronic signatures so that documents can be signed and delivered in a safe, secure, and confidential manner.


For individual tax return engagements, clients will be encouraged to electronically submit their documentation through our secure system called TaxCaddy. At the beginning of the tax return season, you will receive an email invitation from TaxCaddy to create your user account. There is no charge for this service. And we encourage you to call your CxA with any questions on the initial setup or use throughout the tax return process.


For entity tax returns, such as corporations and partnerships, your CxA will set up a secure file transfer portal using a system called ShareFile. This portal will allow you to securely upload documents directly to HAC, as well as download shared files from HAC.

Invoice and Payments

Depending on the nature of the tax engagement, you may be required to remit an initial retainer payment as agreed to in the engagement letter. All invoices for services rendered, as well as retainer amounts, are due for payment upon presentation of the invoice. Invoices and statements are sent via email. While we truly appreciate the busy day-to-day responsibilities that each of us have, we kindly ask you to remit payment in a timely manner. For your convenience, we not only accept checks, but also accept credit card and direct ACH payments via our online payment portal on the HAC website (Make A Payment).

Once again, we thank you for choosing HAC. We look forward to earning your trust and confidence that comes with the responsibilities of being your CPA, as well as deepening our mutual respect and appreciation for each of our contributions to the You First experience.

Warmest regards,

Vanessa Barrera

Client Experience Advocate (CxA)

Hancock Askew & Co., LLP

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