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Technology and Biotech Companies are rapidly changing and so are the accounting rules that they have to abide by.

Companies like yours exist on the forefront of groundbreaking technological developments and innovative solutions—and move at break-neck speed. Your business needs are unique and present complex accounting challenges, including revenue recognition, equity accounting, stock-based compensation, derivatives and other critical issues that evolve as you move through the various stages of the technology business lifecycle.

From start-ups and emerging businesses to expanding and established companies, Hancock Askew serves a broad range of privately held and publicly traded companies in the high-tech arena. We have the expertise you need to keep ahead of constantly changing market conditions, capitalize on market opportunities, manage rapid growth and sustain profitability.

Having performed a myriad of audits and due diligence engagements in the high-tech world, we can provide valuable insight into business issues many companies fail to address, and can help identify the tax strategies you should be considering. With Hancock Askew as your trusted business advisor, you will find the support you need at any given stage of your company’s growth – during a critical fund injection, when preparing for a merger, sale or IPO, or managing the increasingly complex SEC compliance requirements facing today’s public companies.

Services for Software and Biotech Companies

  • Software development companies
  • Software Service providers and platforms
  • Licensed Software
  • Cloud-Based Solutions
  • Patent development
  • License and royalty agreements
  • Drug development and discovery
  • Health care lab testing and technology
  • Computer Hardware and Peripherals
  • High Tech Materials and Components
  • IT Systems and Services
  • IT Consultants and Support Providers

In high-tech manufacturing, you need a firm with a lot of sophistication. Hancock Askew has given us that for 10 years.

Tak Argentinis, CEO
Elan Technology, Inc.

What can our specialists do for you?

Hancock Askew's full-service team provides multiple services with an emphasis on maximizing value to the client through our knowledge, insight and meticulous methodology.

Senior Manager

Alfredo Reynoso

9 years of experience

Lauren Knox

6 years of experience
Audit Partner - Atlanta Office

Greg Ameden

15 years of experience

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